International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology

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The International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology (IJEMST) is a peer-reviewed scholarly online journal. The IJEMST was published quarterly in January, April, July and October until 2017. Now, the IJEMST is published six times a year: January, March, May, July, September and November.


The IJEMST welcomes any papers on math education, science education and educational technology using techniques from and applications in any technical knowledge domain: original theoretical works, literature reviews, research reports, social issues, psychological issues, curricula, learning environments, research in an educational context, book reviews, and review articles. The articles should be original, unpublished, and not in consideration for publication elsewhere at the time of submission to the IJEMST.


Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Number: 4

Table of Contents


Pre-service Teachers’ Use of a Technology Integration Planning Cycle: A Case Study PDF
Beth Beschorner, Jerrid Kruse
Use of Web 2.0 Technologies to Enhance Learning Experiences in Alternative School Settings PDF
Engin Karahan, Gillian Roehrig
Mathematization Competencies of Pre-Service Elementary Mathematics Teachers in the Mathematical Modelling Process PDF
Suha Yilmaz, Ayse Tekin Dede
Hong Kong and U.S. Teachers’ Perceptions of Mathematical Disagreements and their Resolution Processes PDF
Angela T. Barlow, Rongjin Huang, Huk-Yuen Law, Yip Cheung Chan, Qiaoping Zhang, Wesley A. Baxter, Angeline K. Gaddy
Cognitive Language and Content Standards: Language Inventory of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards PDF
Kathleen M. Winn, Kyong Mi Choi, Brian Hand
Inferring Pre-service Science Teachers’ Understanding of Science by Using Socially Embedded Pseudoscientific Context PDF
Duygu Metin, Hamide Ertepinar

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